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Jack hadn't intended to move in with Emma quite yet. But as his friends left, the island started feeling less like home. And as the island felt less like home, he was less inclined to excuse its inconveniences. (Eggnog out of the faucet was much less charming the tenth time around.) So he'd started spending more time in New York, where the only problem he ever had in the shower was when a slayer-in-training "borrowed" his shampoo.

When he found himself regularly skipping work at the Devil's Nest with the excuse nobody really wanted to drink on a Monday night, he had to admit it was time for a change.

It was his last semester in law school; arranging an internship near Emma's house and a class schedule that would let him commute to Baltimore once a week or so was trivial. So he gave Eric two weeks notice. (Tiny seemed happy.) And when the time came to renew his lease on the house in Fandom, he didn't.

Emma would never be so needy as to admit she wanted him there. But she not only hadn't kicked him out, she had even cleared a little space in her closet for him. That, more than the wedding magazines hidden deep in her bookshelf, reassured him that they were playing for keeps.

After he unpacked his home office, he sat down at the desk to send a few emails and make some calls with the news. It might be nice if people knew where he lived.

[OOC: Open for calls, texts, etc. If you think you got a message from him, you did.]
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