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I have no newbies, but the game does, so here, have an info post!

Bay Kennish. ([ profile] justbeingbay) From Switched at Birth. 17. Rising senior. Hails from Mission Hills, Kansas. Artsy, self-centered, sarcastic, inquisitive, awesome. Semi-fluent in ASL. Has boatloads of identity issues. Played by Vanessa Marano.

Bratty Teenage DaughterIt's All About MeRaven Hair, Ivory SkinStepford SnarkerTrue Art is Angsty

Victor Mancha ([ profile] ultron_junior) 18. From Runaways/Marvel 616. Rising senior. Los Angeleno. Ultron's android kid. Dorky. Laid back but has a temper. Main life goal is not to be a supervillain. Turning up TODAY in Avengers A.I., so I finally get new canon. Canonmates: Gert Yorkes ([ profile] arsenicmauls), Karolina Dean ([ profile] solarhippie), though they're all from different universes to each other and Victor's from the future for them both. Played by the excessively adorable Tyler Posey.

Ridiculously Human RobotShock and AweFuture Me Scares Me/☆Human Mom Nonhuman DadAscended FanboyThe Sixth Ranger

Jack Priest. 21. From Elizabeth Bear's New Amsterdam. Class of 2010 graduate, teacher, dayman at Devil's Nest, rising junior at Johns Hopkins University. Outwardly friendly. Watchful. Fierce. Born in Prague in 1881, sold for a servant, raised by a vampire. Now a werewolf. Dating Emma Frost ([ profile] icecoldfrost). Quasi packmate to [ profile] justlurkinghere. Played by Ed Speleers.

Bi the WayCursed with AwesomeInformed JudaismOccult DetectivePainful TransformationParental Abandonment☆Sarcastic DevoteeSteamPunk

Tara Maclay ([ profile] life_inshadow) is a Class of 2012 graduate and just finished her freshman year at UC-Sunnydale. I'm not doing the whole tropes thing about her because the main thing to know is that she is disappearing into canon at the end of summer. I'll get her to the island a few times between now and then, and if you need her for a plot please tell me, but my plan is that she'll be unreachable to Fandomites and dropped as a character soon after the monks magic Dawn into existence. (And this gets me out of having to play through seasons 5 and 6. I'm a wimp, what can I say?)

Elisabeth. 34. Mom of two. Lives outside D.C. Getting addicted to video games after 20 years of insisting they weren't for me. Likes Neil Gaiman, Saga, Game of Thrones, Mass Effect, Dragon Age II, Orphan Black, Community and Teen Wolf. Finds Irish accents irresistible. Works outside the house on three random days each week. @septembergrrl on Twitter, worldleaderpretend on Tumblr, fakenamecentral on AIM. Harder to find on AIM these days, but almost always on email.


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