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My info post will come when I am home and have all the gifs. But I may as well get this one out of the way now.

Supernatural Studies will discuss the monsters, spirits and things that go bump in the night that are common in legends across many universes. (Sometimes, those stories are even true.) Because we have four months and even Jack can't talk about vampires and werewolves for quite that long, we'll also go into some more obscure-ish byways, like golem and oni. It'll mainly be a discussion class, though the danger shop may get dusted off on exam days for extra interactive fun.

And I need a TA or two! If you're interested, please leave a screened comment here; if I get more than two volunteers, the RNG has the power.
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So Jack is a werewolf now.

What this means:

☾ Three nights a month at moonrise, he transforms into a black-furred, largish wolf. Yeah.
☾ If you can smell or sense werewolf, you can smell or sense that he's one. He won't be sending out a PSA about it, but he'll be open to discussing it if someone asks.
☾ Jack's canon is mixed on the age-old question of vampires vs. werewolves. Mainly, werewolves are long extinct, and vamps helped put things that way. But that's so long in the past there's not much of a left-over grudge -- at least not on Jack's end. (Especially because the only werewolf from his universe he's ever met is the monster that bit him, and they did not exactly have a lengthy conversation.) Vampires smell strange to him, but not in a way that's repulsive at a normal conversational distance: Just "cold," scented by whatever they've fed on most recently, and generally different from living people.
☾ If you want him to, he might notice something similarly "off" about gods, aliens, witches, shapeshifters, fairies, mutants, etc. If you don't, he won't. Canon's unclear, and I am easy that way.

Strengths )

Weaknesses )

Human Appearance )

Thanks for letting me spam with the 17 posts it took me to get to this one, guys. Also I have to give credit where it's due: The former [ profile] brandyforapples came up with making Jack a werewolf years ago. I just knew a good idea when I saw one.

Jack's in 1902 healing up for a couple more days, but he's going to turn up on the island on Wednesday.

Any questions or comments? OCD is below.


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