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Jack's Saturday had begun the same way as all his days did lately: He blearily squinted at his screeching alarm, checked his email, and then went back to whatever legal text he'd dropped by the side of his bed before falling asleep.

It turned out that law school was hard. Which he'd been told, but somehow he'd imagined he'd be immune from everyone else's experiences. He frowned hard at the page in front of him, willing the text to resolve itself into something he could follow in any language he knew.

"I wish I didn't have anything to do," he said aloud, because at some point after Kaidan moved out he'd turned into the type of person who talked to himself. "Just one weekend off, someplace nice, with Emma. That's what I wish for."

There was a flash of light and a whirring noise, and suddenly Jack was in the fanciest hotel room he'd ever seen -- all white, with a plush rug an inch thick over polished hardwood floors. The bed he sat on was as big and soft as a cloud. And even better, he wasn't the only one on it. He poked the lump under the blankets beside him.

"Emma, the island's being weird in our favour this time...."

[OOC: For she who is mentioned, please!]


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