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Jack couldn't quite justify going into the dorms to yank Jackson out by the hair. For one, it would draw the kind of attention he hoped to avoid; for another, it was more likely that not to backfire.

He could, however, admit to being bloody tempted by the idea, and the supermoon tugging at him wasn't helping his impulse control in the least. He paced a grove of trees near the dorms, occasionally gnawing on a knuckle with teeth that were already a bit sharper than normal. Derek lurked nearby.

"Stiles has it handled," Jack said, in what might be a pointless attempt at reassuring himself. "There's still time."

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Sometimes, being a werewolf led to annoying errands of a totally unexpected kind.

Today, for example. Several days after the last full moon, Jack had accepted his watch was not at the Community Center, Devil's Nest or the Perk, or anywhere in his house. Which meant it had either gotten stolen, trampled under a rickshaw, or (and he had to admit this possibility was the most likely) it had fallen out of his pocket and gotten left behind in the preserve in his haste to get dressed and go home some morning.

He would have just bought a new watch, but, as this one had been purchased in 1899, it had some sentimental value.

So here he was, prodding under branches with a stick and hoping he'd spot a telltale gleam of gold before the mosquitoes and gnats ate him alive.

It was indeed a glamorous day.

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