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Jack couldn't quite justify going into the dorms to yank Jackson out by the hair. For one, it would draw the kind of attention he hoped to avoid; for another, it was more likely that not to backfire.

He could, however, admit to being bloody tempted by the idea, and the supermoon tugging at him wasn't helping his impulse control in the least. He paced a grove of trees near the dorms, occasionally gnawing on a knuckle with teeth that were already a bit sharper than normal. Derek lurked nearby.

"Stiles has it handled," Jack said, in what might be a pointless attempt at reassuring himself. "There's still time."

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One of the many problems with having triplets, Jack thought, was that even when you had every reason to sleep late your body wouldn't let you. Seven years of 6 a.m. wake-up calls did that to a man.

He didn't recognize the room at first and was disoriented for a moment when he woke up, but recovered quickly. Emma wasn't next to him; she must have taken her old room out of some nostalgia. He supposed it was good that at least one of them was getting some extra sleep.

He showered quickly, dressed, and went down the stairs. It was pleasing to see the coffee-maker and bread for toast were still where they'd been when he lived in this house. He hummed to himself absently as he started putting breakfast together, wondering who else might have come into town for the reunion.

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Jack had skipped out on prom the night before. Watching children fumble toward each other in formalwear simply didn't sound very appealing, and anyhow there was a certain club in Baltimore that seemed much more deserving of his still-somewhat-one-note attention. (There were .... dancers. Very talented dancers. Though none, he had to admit, quite as flexible as Navaan.) He was on the hazy line between hungover and still drunk when he stumbled downstairs this morning.

He poured a mound of coffee into the brewer, turned it on, and sat at the table, trying to decide if the pleasure of a hit of nicotine was worth the trouble of figuring out where he'd last left his cigarettes. A small pink feather fell out of his hair and landed just beyond his fingertips, and he looked at it stupidly. He didn't remember getting that close to the stage.

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Jack nodded a greeting to the students as they came in, and then launched into his lecture.

“We’ve gone through spirits, and now we’re moving on to the undead,” he began. “In other words, this week is about vampires. I have my biases about the topic, and I’m sure some of you do too. For the sake of the class, let’s set those aside.”

Otherwise this would turn into Jack Priest’s Hour on Why Vampires Are Just Misunderstood, and he suspected no one wanted that.

“A vampire, to define the term, is a human who has died in the conventional sense of the term, but whose body remains in motion. They do not need to breathe, and their hearts do not beat. Typically they are stronger and faster than they were when alive, will not die of disease, and are hard to kill through violence.

“They maintain this state primarily by drinking the blood of other humans. Some can also subsist on animal blood, or artificial blood; others cannot. Often, they have evolved to be fantastic hunters who are designed to entice people to be bitten. Under certain circumstances, they can make the humans they bite into other vampires.

“Normally they cannot tolerate sunlight. There are other beliefs about vampires that vary from culture to culture. Some say they count compulsively, for example. They may not reflect in mirrors, or be repelled by the scent of garlic. In certain stories, they can’t handle religious objects or step on sanctified ground. In most, they can’t enter a house without being invited in.”

“Some believe vampirism is a demonic possession; others will call the condition a communicable disease. I personally don’t know. I do know it’s a condition almost as old as human civilization. Like many conditions, it has both benefits and drawbacks.

He stepped to the whiteboard then, drew a line down the middle of it, and wrote down key words as he talked. “The benefits include eternal life, sex appeal, general invulnerability, and superpowers. But the drawbacks include watching everyone you care about die while you stay unchanged, the high risk of a violent death, and often the need or desire to murder. My assignment for you today is to debate this. Pair off; in each pair, one of you wants to be turned into a vampire and the other thinks they’re insane. I’ll leave it to you to try to convince each other.”
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So this was what people did in the last few hours they had of being temporarily brought back from the dead: They sat around a white cloth-topped restaurant table with their loved ones and ate pasta and garlic bread and drank too many bottles of red wine. They chatted and mopped marinara sauce off their shirts and fed each other meatballs.

It made as much sense as a way to spend their dwindling hours together as anything would.

The conversation stayed light until they were settled in with coffee, biscotti, tiramisu, and even more red wine. Jack sipped his espresso and glanced across the table to Christian.

"So," he said, "tell me a terrible story about Emma when she was small. She insists she was perfect."

In which we learn about the adorable nerd Emma Frost once was. )

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Jack's promise to take Allie to a class was coming into play today, and they'd made it to campus without her bursting into flame or attracting any special attention.

He was inclined to call that a win.

"We're supposed to talk about Othello tonight," he told her as they stepped through the double doors leading into the building's atrium. "The professor seemed very hung up on religious imagery last week, so if he forgets you aren't in the class and asks you a question for some odd reason the answer's probably something about that."
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Exactly one year before (and 110 years, a continent, and a universe away) Jack had been waking up in a hospital bed to a world that would never smell or sound exactly the same way to him again.

Funny, how it seemed both like he’d been a werewolf all his life and like he’d been bitten yesterday. How he felt Sebastien’s ongoing absence as if it were a missing hand but made no real efforts to track the man down. Jack could find him easily enough – of that he was certain -- but he held back out of the fear the century had changed Sebastien and the bite had changed him, and any reunion would be too awkward to bear.

At 21, Jack was coming to believe there were some things it was better not to know.

He didn’t do anything in particular to mark the rather macabre anniversary – bite-o-versary, some part of his mind that thought he was funny supplied -- but it was very much on his mind as he turned on the living room TV this morning. Usually he didn’t watch TV except as a social lubricant, but he’d never found anything better at getting his busy brain to silence itself.

… or it was when the first thing he turned on wasn’t a report on a vicious dog attack. He changed the channel and found a Paris travelogue, changed it again and saw a Wendy the Werewolf Stalker rerun.

The island, he decided, was in a spiteful mood.

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Jack had never been much of a fighter.

When he was younger, he learned enough to get himself out of trouble, and relied on quick wits and a gun for anything more. And wen he became a werewolf, it hadn't really occured to him to change that. But fighting Derek as a wolf a week and a half before had given him the idea that he might be able to do more than dodge a fist these days.

This brought him to Derek's yard, where he stripped to his t-shirt and folded his arms over his chest against the cold. He was sure he wouldn't feel it soon enough.

"Where do we start?"
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In which Jack goes home. )

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My info post will come when I am home and have all the gifs. But I may as well get this one out of the way now.

Supernatural Studies will discuss the monsters, spirits and things that go bump in the night that are common in legends across many universes. (Sometimes, those stories are even true.) Because we have four months and even Jack can't talk about vampires and werewolves for quite that long, we'll also go into some more obscure-ish byways, like golem and oni. It'll mainly be a discussion class, though the danger shop may get dusted off on exam days for extra interactive fun.

And I need a TA or two! If you're interested, please leave a screened comment here; if I get more than two volunteers, the RNG has the power.
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Jack had handwavily agreed to help Allie with some shopping, and now that the sun was down it was time for them to go. He turned his jacket collar up against the evening chill as he waited for her to arrive.

The Christmas lights everywhere were pretty, he thought, and contemplated whether he still had a few gifts of his own to buy.

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Jack had actually been 21 for a day -- or 110 years plus a day, depending on how you looked at it -- but he'd planned the party for the Saturday anyhow on the theory it'd be easier. Now, as he straightened napkins and fussed over bowls of chips, he'd been glad he had. Between his fight with Derek, Emma in town, and everything in Beacon Hills, the last few days had brought enough to deal with without adding a party into it.

None of that was clear on his face, of course. He was only going to turn 21 once, and he fully intended to enjoy it. (If in a way that wouldn't make Kaidan refuse to ever let him host a party again.)

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Don't ask where Jack got his bitchin' leather jacket, or the motorcycle he worked on while he wore it. What was important was, they looked awesome. And as for the grease on his hands, that was just another tool to get his pompadour more firmly in place.

He hummed a Bill Haley tune to himself as he polished the bike's chassis. As soon as his ride was fixed, he was going to be zapping through Fandom like a bat out of h-e-double hockey sticks.
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Jack woke up on the couch in the living room, and was immediately struck by a crick in his neck that was shortly followed by overwhelming gratitude that he wasn't fourteen any more. Not that he'd even been such a bad sort of 14-year-old, but he associated the age with a kind of powerlessness he was glad to have outgrown.

And, also, it was nice to not be half-convinced the television was some sort of witchcraft. So there was that.

He sent a quick text to Emma to let her know there was no need to start chasing Sebastien down, then went into the kitchen. He rarely cooked much, but he was hungry, there was a box of blueberry muffin mix that had been in the cabinets for months and being back to himself seemed like as good a reason to celebrate by making it as any. Especially as it was too early to drink.

If it occurred to him some muffins might make a decent 'sorry I was a bit insufferable' present for a housemate who seemed to have been an exceptionally sulky teen himself ... well, that factored into it too.

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The bed Jan woke up in was bigger and softer than anything he'd ever experienced, and there was a girl in it who wasn't any of his sisters. The room also had some funny windows in it, piles of what struck him as fine but oddly-cut clothes, and books. They were in English, but that didn't really matter; Jan couldn't read much in any language.

After he'd poked his fingers into every corner of the room and tried and failed to figure out what the computer was, there was only one thing to do: Jump on the bed and start jabbering at the girl.

//Get up, get up,// he said-slash-shouted. //Who are you? I don't know where we are. Get up!//

Weetiny language lessons back here! )

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It wasn't the full moon, but that didn't mean Jack couldn't be restless. His room felt very small, some nights.

He'd taken a thriller novel out to the house's back yard and was sitting underneath a tree -- half reading (the dark was no challenge, now), half simply letting himself exist with the stars and the scurrying creatures.

Other than some weirdly noisy mating frogs in the distance, it was incredibly peaceful.

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There were certain advantages to having been on the island for most of three years.

For example, when one woke up and saw a woman looking back from the mirror over one's dresser, the experienced male Fandomite who'd been through this twice before did not shriek -- or at least, he didn't if he was Jack.

Instead, Jack permitted himself one streak of swearing, then took a picture of his new ... assets to send to Emma to tease her. Then he pulled on a t-shirt and yoga pants Emma had forgotten when she moved back to school, twisted his hair into a knot, and padded into a kitchen to start the pot of coffee.

He wondered if he ought to wake Kaidan and Ronan to warn them, but decided against it. A sudden switch in genders was really the sort of thing you had to discover on your own.

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Jack's spur-of-the-moment offer of lunch with Emma had lead to a spread of rather too much Chinese food in a shady part of the park.

He took his shoes off and stretched his bare feet in the grass, wiggling his toes a little. He wasn't happy she was going; he didn't think she was entirely happy to be going. But heading in different directions seemed to be their natural state of affairs, he thought wryly. Best to enjoy the picnic while he could.

"I hope you don't mind," he teased, as he reached into the bag for a carton of lo mein, "giving up your ledgers for this."

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Sometimes, being a werewolf led to annoying errands of a totally unexpected kind.

Today, for example. Several days after the last full moon, Jack had accepted his watch was not at the Community Center, Devil's Nest or the Perk, or anywhere in his house. Which meant it had either gotten stolen, trampled under a rickshaw, or (and he had to admit this possibility was the most likely) it had fallen out of his pocket and gotten left behind in the preserve in his haste to get dressed and go home some morning.

He would have just bought a new watch, but, as this one had been purchased in 1899, it had some sentimental value.

So here he was, prodding under branches with a stick and hoping he'd spot a telltale gleam of gold before the mosquitoes and gnats ate him alive.

It was indeed a glamorous day.

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