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Emma Frost
Emma had been in Fandom for two days now, ensconced safely in Jack's room where he could keep an eye on her despite her protests that she was fine.
She'd barely left the room, let alone the house, and despite her insistence to the contrary, Jack didn't need boyfriend or werewolf senses to tell she was Not Fine. At all.

Jack Priest
The odor of pizza wafted its way to Emma's nose as Jack rushed up the stairs.
"I brought lunch," he offered. "And I thought maybe after we could take a walk?"
She'd been turning his offers like this down for two days, and he didn't think pizza would magically change that, but he had no better ideas.

Emma Frost
Emma grimaced as the scent of food hit her. She was ravenous, but the smell turned her stomach. "I'm not quite hungry yet," she said instead, offering him a small smile as she sat up. "But go ahead and eat, don't worry about waiting on me."

Jack Priest
"You've barely eaten since you got here, Emma," Jack reminded her, gently as he could given his concern. "Would soup be better? Or one of those smoothies you like? I -- don't like not being able to do anything."

Emma Frost
If he went to go cook for her, that meant he'd go away for a bit. She could read in peace. "Actually, those both sound pretty good," she admitted. "Am I going to sound like a terrible high-maintenance girlfriend if I confess to a craving for matzoh ball soup?"

Jack Priest
"No, but you sound like someone who thinks I know how to make matzoh ball soup," Jack admitted with a noise that would have been a laugh if he hadn't been so worried. "But for you, I'll figure it out."

Emma Frost
"I think you look like a hungry law student who has to know where the closest deli is," she said smugly. "Please?"

Sick puppy eyes were sick puppy eyes, and most likely cheating. Emma did not care.

Jack Priest
Jack eyed her, trying to be unmoved by the puppy eyes. "Promise you aren't just trying to get me to go away so you can go back to sleep?"

Emma Frost
"If I said 'cross my heart and hope to die,' you'd find a way to fuss even more than you already are," Emma said fondly. Ugh, why wouldn't he just GO? She just wanted to either read it again, or dream some more. "How about I promise to stay awake, and we'll leave the door open so you can bribe one of your housemates to peek in on me?"

They'd leave her alone if they saw her awake and reading, most likely. None of them really knew her well enough to try and come in and keep her company.

Jack Priest
"Fine, but if you aren't awake when I come back, I'm going to pour the smoothie down your throat," Jack said, in a tone that suggested he meant it. "Are you sure you don't want to go to the clinic?"

He hadn't dragged her. Dragging Emma places never went well.

Emma Frost
"If it makes you happy, you can stand there and watch me drink the whole thing," Emma said, crossing her heart. "--but I'd rather not go to the clinic right now. You can stuff me with as much tea and soup and smoothies with protein powder as you like, so long as I don't have to have a bunch of damned magical healers poking at me."

"If they had a real doctor, I'd consider it. But you know how I feel about magic I don't understand."

Jack Priest
"I think the only 'doctor' on staff is Navaan, and her cure would probably involve eating you out," Jack sighed. "Which somehow I don't think you're in the right frame of mind to appreciate."

Life on the island was such a trial!

He went and sat on the edge of the bed to be closer to her. "Home has thamaturgic physicians," he offered. "It's still magic, but our wizards aren't as -- airy-woo-woo about it all as some of the witches here."

Not that Jack judged .... okay, he totally judged.

Emma Frost
He totally judged. But that was okay, so did Emma.

"Jack, playing 'doctor' with a vampire isn't actually medical treatment," Emma said dryly. "Really now."

Maaaaybe if it was Eric. But Navaan was just weird.

"But if I'm not feeling better yet by this time next week, you can take me to one of your physicians," she lied promised. "I still think it's just mutant flu, and I need sleep and liquids, but I'll go to one of your thamaturgists with minimal complaining. Next week."

And if it got to that point? Well, Emma would just be long gone by then, if he kept fussing. She'd been pushing herself relentlessly for years, she deserved a little sleep and some reading time!

Jack Priest
"Well,if you do it right ...." Jack joked, on the point of Navaan, and then gave Emma an uneasy smile. "All right. I'll go get your soup and smoothie, and then we'll wait and watch for a few more days."

[OOC: Preplayed with the beautiful [ profile] icecoldfrost. NFI.]
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